RSVP Trust improves lives in the UK and Africa. We aim to improve people’s lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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We improve lives of those in poverty through gifts of food, bedding and by meeting basic needs.

We sponsor 400+ children’s education in Rwanda.

We help women exit the sex trade.

We install clean water facilities.

We fund an orphanage for 16 children.

We provide sanitary towels for girls in poverty.

We improve people’s emotional lives through life coaching and teaching life skills.

We improve lives spiritually by sharing our spiritual journey with others, through friendship, speaking at conferences and events, and through literature and blogs.

How you can help

A Gift of Hope
Sometimes it’s the little things that matter.

RSVP Bedding
We all know that when things are hard, getting a good night’s sleep helps us face another day. But what if you don’t have a bed?
A gift of £15 will buy a mattress and some blankets and bring hope and happiness to someone in need.

One off donation
You can make a one off secure Credit/Debit Card Donation to RSVP by clicking the button below.

Create FREE donations as you shop!
You can even help us for FREE just by shopping online with Give As You Live!

RSVP Emergency Food
It’s hard to change anything if you are starving. A gift of £20 will enable us to buy food for a few days for a family and give them hope and encouragement that someone cares.

Longer Term Help
Emergency food helps for a few days, but what about the long term?

The crying need for children growing up in poverty is education, medical care and daily nutrition.

RSVP Child Sponsorship
A monthly donation of £19 a month will give a child a place at school, medical care, a daily meal, a school uniform and a pair of shoes. It is life transforming.
We currently help about 400 children in Rwanda through this project, which began in 1999. More info…

RSVP House of Mercy Children's Home
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Many children have lost their parents through AIDS, war or poverty. They are left alone in the world.

RSVP has built a home for 16 orphans and covers the costs of accommodation, clothing, food and education and medical care.
You can sponsor a child in our House of Mercy for £58 per month or give a smaller donation of any amount to help us look after the children who don’t have sponsors.

Women’s Freedom Project
Poverty and illiteracy drive women into prostitution where they suffer daily sexual abuse and violence, and sometimes even die.

RSVP has set up a Women’s Freedom Project where women can learn skills like sewing and hairdressing and so escape prostitution and abuse, and restore their dignity. We currently need partners to pay for the teacher. A gift of £5 a month or a one off for £60 for a year will really help us with this.

One off donation
You can make a one off secure Credit/Debit Card Donation to RSVP by clicking the button below.

For more options, see our Donation Page.