Don Egan


Don Egan is the founder of RSVP Trust.

He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa over several decades.

After being a minister for 27 years in the Anglican Church, he is now the facilitator of the Community of St Anthony – a small but growing group of scattered seekers, who try to follow the teachings of Jesus in everyday life, outside the institutional structures. More…

He also writes the blog Simple Steps to Improve Your Life – a lifestyle blog to improve your body, mind and spirit. More…

He is the author of a dozen or so books on spirituality and healing.

Booking Don to speak at your event

To enquire about Don speaking at your church or event please let us know the proposed date, time and venue, and who the inviting organisation is.


We don’t charge for speaking, per se, but we normally suggest an honorarium of at least £100 plus expenses per session.

A session is speaking once at an event. Speaking twice (eg: morning and evening) is two sessions, so that would be £200 plus expenses.

Expenses are travel at 30p per mile from Stowmarket, Suffolk and back.

If overnight accommodation is required, it will be booked by RSVP and cost £60 per night.

(If possible, it would be helpful to make a donation to our work in addition to the honorarium. But we understand if this is not possible.)

If you would like to enquire about Don speaking at your church or event please contact us.

Find out more about Don here: