Alison Fenning

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Alison Fenning is an itinerant evangelist, who has travelled extensively in the UK and overseas bringing people to Christ. She holds a BA (Hons) in Biblical studies and cross cultural mission.

She is a frequent traveller to Africa and leads teams to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

Preaching and teaching
Alison is a very gifted communicator and regularly speaks in churches, conferences and at evangelistic events in the UK and overseas.

Alison's passionate about equipping the Church for mission. She has successfully set up various ministries in the UK and overseas to mobilise people into mission, breakthrough School of Ministry, RSVP Chaplaincy and a network for evangelists.

Alison is also an Associate of J John and the Philo Trust and also of Luis Palau Next Generation Alliance evangelists.

Booking Alison to speak at your event

To enquire about Alison speaking at your church or event please let us know the proposed date, time and venue, and who the inviting organisation is.


We don’t charge for speaking, per se, but we normally suggest an honorarium of at least £100 plus expenses per session.

A session is speaking once at an event. Speaking twice (eg: morning and evening) is two sessions, so that would be £200 plus expenses.

Expenses are travel at 30p per mile from Stowmarket, Suffolk and back.

If overnight accommodation is required, it will be booked by RSVP and cost £60 per night.

(If possible, it would be helpful to make a donation to our work in addition to the honorarium. But we understand if this is not possible.)

If you would like to enquire about Alison speaking at your church or event please contact us.