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The RSVP Freedom Project, pioneered by Alison Fenning, has helped many women find their path out of poverty and prostitution, bringing dignity and hope to their families.

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Thirty three women have now graduated from the dressmaking class and urgently need a sewing machine so they can start a small business.

We are looking for the following support:
- people who can sponsor a sewing machine at £75 per lady.
- people who can sponsor a woman on the training course at £5 monthly (or £60 one off for a year).
- people who can donate any amount to help pay the teacher.

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In 2013 Alison planted the project in partnership with a local church who facilitate and lead the work on our behalf.

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Many of women enter prostitution due to trauma and poverty which has come as a result of the genocide in 1994. The women were children at that time, and have become voiceless victims stuck in an exploited and brutal prison of prostitution.

The freedom project has a strong emphasis on mentoring and empowerment. Each day our team on the ground visit the women and spend time listening and coaching. This enables the healing from the deep traumas they have suffered to begin.

Empowerment comes through learning new skills, including business training and practical development. This year we are running a tailoring class to train 20 women with a skill, and hope to give them a sewing machine as a gift at the end of their course.

Each year Alison and a team visits the project to spend time with the women. This is so valuable to the team on the ground and the women. It brings hope and they feel loved and cared for, one women said recently to Alison on a trip ‘Because you have come we have hope and purpose.’

Alison is coaching the team in Rwanda through email and Skype each month and sends teaching for the team to deliver. It is amazing to be part of such a life saving venture. Through this project may appear to be having a small impact it not only helps the women exit prostitution it also prevents their children from entering.

Thank you RSVP partners for making this ministry possible!

You can sponsor one of the women on this project for just £5 per month or a one off gift of £60 per year.

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