RSVP Sanitary Towels for Girls in Poverty

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RSVP provides sanitary towels to poor girls in Africa.

Millions of women around the world cannot afford sanitary towels. Such women resort to an older and cheaper alternative – a piece of cloth or rag. This is an unhygienic alternative and can cause vaginal infections, skin irritations and embarrassing stains in public.

Young girls in Africa are put in danger through lack of sanitary towels.
  • Some turn to prostitution to get money to buy sanitary towels.
  • Others use a piece of rag that can cause infection.
  • Others are absent from school when having periods, losing education.

'In countries where sanitary products are inaccessible or unaffordable, menstruation can mean missed school for girls (UNICEF estimates 10% of African girls don’t attend school during their periods) and an increased dropout rate, missed work for women and repeated vaginal infections because of unsanitary menstrual products. One study showed that …73% of female factory workers miss an average of six days – and six days of pay – every month because of their periods.'The Guardian 11 August 2014

To sponsor the provision of sanitary pads for poor girls in Rwanda

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