RSVP House of Mercy Orphanage

Many children have lost their parents through AIDS, war or poverty. They are left alone in the world.

RSVP has built a home for 16 orphans and covers the costs of accommodation, clothing, food and education and medical care.

You can sponsor a child in our House of Mercy for £58 per month or give a smaller donation of any amount to help us look after the children who don’t have sponsors.

To see children needing sponsorship in the House of Mercy click here.


Our House of Mercy in Rwanda houses 16 children who were left alone in the world. The House of Mercy provides accommodation, food, care, schooling, clothing, medical care and a family atmosphere in which the young people can grow and develop.

RSVP built the House of Mercy several years ago at a cost of £25,000. The ongoing costs of looking after the 16 children are sponsored by several very generous sponsors and a little bit of help from our general funds.

Short video of how the orphanage was built...

It costs RSVP £900+ every month to fund the orphanage so we are very grateful to our Partners and Supporters!